Region Nou­velle-Aquitaine presents 9 projects for Car­toon Movie 2022

These 9 projects are supported by the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine:

  • “In Waves” (produced by Silex Films, France)
  • "Living Large" (produced by Barletta, Czech Republic – coproduced by Novanima Productions, France) – made in Périgord (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
  • “Marie-Louise” (produced by Pictack Cie, France)
  • “Mars Express” (produced by Everybody on Deck, France)
  • “Melvile” (produced by Need productions, Belgium – coproduced by Creative Touch Studios & Les Films d'Ici, France)
  • “My Grandfather’s Demons” (produced by Sardinha em Lata, Portugal – coproduced by Midralgar Films, France) – made in Bordeaux (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
  • “Porcelain Birds“ (produced by Miyu Productions, France)
  • “Trip to Teulada” (produced by Isla Productions – coproduced by 2d3D Animations, France)
  • “Unicorn Wars” (Abano Producions, Spain – coproduced by Schmuby Productions, France)