Ani­ma­tion & Transmedia

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Animation & Transmedia is an afternoon dedicated to the synergy between animation and other industries like gaming and publishing.

It will be held on Tuesday 5 March from 14:00 to 18:40.


  • To create synergies between the animation, video games & transmedia industries.
  • To encourage producers to bring game and transmedia partner at the same EARLY stage as the co-producer and the distributor in the process of a feature film.
  • To foster the concurrent development of a feature film and game or apps/transmedia approach based on the same characters and graphic bible, like major hit films.


Roundtables (14:00-16:00)

  • 14:00-15:00 Roundtable Sustainability
    "Sustainability in animation production: exchanges between European professionals" by Christophe Archambault, Chief Technology Officer at Superprod Studio (FR), Corinne Kouper, Co-founder and SVP Development & Production of TeamTO (FR), & Maite Woköck, Producer & CEO of Telescope Animation (DE). Moderated by Aymeric Castaing.
  • 15:00-16:00 Roundtable dedicated to links between publishing and animation film
    "How to sell a book for screen production? How to approach a publisher as producer looking for rights?" by Sam Arthur, CEO of Flying Eye Books (UK), Laurent Duvault, Director of Audiovisual Development at Mediatoon Audiovisual Rights (FR), and Richard Klicnik, Head of Comics publishing at Argo Publishing (CZ). Moderated by Ivanka Hahnenberger.

One-to-one meetings (16:40-18:40)

  • Cartoon organizes one-to-one meetings for animation professionals who wish to meet with video game companies, publishers, etc.
Based on participant’s choices, Cartoon will send a list of meetings organized with the different companies that interest you. Each meeting will last for maximum 20 min.


  • Only for animation, gaming and transmedia professionals taking part in Cartoon Movie.
  • No extra fee (it is included in the Cartoon Movie standard online fee).
  • To register, tick the appropriate box on the Cartoon Movie’s online registration form.
  • Once registered, fill in your company profile on My Cartoon (compulsory).

For further information or any question, please contact Ana Lacerda