How it works

Cartoon Movie is very different from other audiovisual fairs. You will see people rushing from one room to the other, vote for Tributes and eat croissants. What does it all mean?

The pitching sessions

The pitching sessions will take place in 2 studios simultaneously at a day and time set by CARTOON. Producers will be able to present their project in front of all potential partners gathered in the same room, in order to find financing as quickly as possible.


Producers will present all aspects of the project: first images and clips, concept, graphic design, characters, production schedule, stage reached in the financial arrangements, profitability scheme and what they expect from the audience.

  • Projects in concept

10 minutes (per project)
Several projects in concept (5 to 6) will be grouped for a 1-hour session, coordinated by a chairperson

  • Projects in development

30 minutes
Presentation of 20 minutes, including Q&A + 5 minutes to let people in and 5 minutes to let people out of the room

  • Films in production

30 minutes (incl. 5 minutes of animated images)
Presentation of 20 minutes, including the screening of an extract of 5 minutes + 5 minutes to let people in and 5 minutes to let people out of the room

  • Films in sneak preview

30 minutes (incl. 15 minutes of animation)
Presentation of max. 3 minutes + screening of an extract of 15 minutes (animation) + 5 minutes to let people in and 5 minutes to let people out of the room

Extra Time” Corner

A special area will be set up just outside each studio so that producers can follow up with people interested without delaying the next presentation.


An experienced and neutral animation consultant will help producers prepare their presentations beforehand and will also be present during the pitching session, to introduce the producers and act as moderator during the questions & answers.

Rehearsal for new pro­duc­ers (com­pul­so­ry)

Producers pitching for the first time at Cartoon Movie will have a rehearsal set up with their chairperson on Tuesday afternoon, before the event.

Trailers of the projects - Croissant & Coffee Shows

To start the day, all participants share an animated breakfast, the traditional "Croissant Shows", and watch on a giant screen the trailers of the projects to be presented in the morning, while sipping their coffee.

The projects to be pitched in the afternoon will have their trailers shown at the "Coffee Shows", after lunch.

These screenings will show the essence of the projects and will help attract a maximum of people to join the presentations, as they will have to choose between 2 projects for each slot. More info on the trailers.

Guidebook & Mobile application

The Cartoon Movie Guidebook is an interactive PDF for any kind of tablet & computer, readable everywhere with direct links to websites and video online.

  • It contains all contact information of all participants.
  • You will find there interesting information about our partners.
  • You will receive it by email (a few days before Cartoon Movie).

In the Cartoon Events mobile application:

  • You will find all the information about the selected projects.
  • Trailers are available in the app.
  • You have all information about networking activities.
  • You can chat with the other participants.
  • You can download your Travel voucher if booked with CARTOON (flight or train schedule, hotel voucher, shuttle schedule).
  • Participants can send their feedback on a project via the app. The feedback form will be sent directly to the producers and co-producers.
  • You will find a page dedicated to our partners.

    For producers pitching a project:
  • Information and images of your project come from the elements you have submitted and validated.
  • You can download the feedback forms for your project.

Cartoon Tributes

Each year professionals nominate their peers in three categories: Director, Distributor and Producer of the Year.

Participants will vote on site for the winners of the Cartoon Movie Tributes. The aim is to reward active contributions to the animation film industry.

Animation & Transmedia

Just before Cartoon Movie, CARTOON organises a half-day of meetings between animation producers and transmedia companies in order to create synergies. Only for animation, gaming and transmedia professionals taking part in Cartoon Movie.

Social Events

You will enjoy French gastronomy and meet everyone at the Welcome Dinner. All participants have lunch together at the buffets organised for lunch, and can meet at the Happy Hour. And to celebrate the end, join the Farewell Cocktail at the Palais de la Bourse.

Ser­vices on site

Press attaché

Participants can organise press briefings in collaboration with the press attaché.

Inter­net Café

WiFi connection will be available in the congress centre.