Sched­ule & Deadlines

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In order to ensure that Cartoon Movie runs smoothly and that your project is successful, we kindly request that you observe the following deadlines.

15 NOV 2023

Deadline for projects submission

4 DEC 2023

Selection of the projects
A Selection Committee will examine the application files to make sure they conform to Cartoon Movie’s regulations. All the eligible projects will be reviewed and the Selection Committee will decide on the selection for Cartoon Movie 2024. Producers will be informed of the Selection Committee’s decision shortly after that date.

21 DEC 2023

Participant registration deadline for Cartoon Movie - deadline for paying the participation and subscription fees

9 JAN 2024

Producers whose project has been selected are not allowed to withdraw their project after 9 January 2024, or they will have to pay the sum of 1000 EUR. This rule is set in order to be fair to the other producers who didn't have the opportunity to be selected.

26 JAN 2024

Deadline for paying accommodation expenses if you book with Cartoon

8 FEB 2024

Deadline for submitting your trailer for the Croissant & Coffee Shows

End of FEB 2024

Schedule of the pitching sessions
Cartoon will send you the date and time of your presentation. Please note that we will not consider any special requests from producers.

MAR 2024

Cartoon Movie 2024