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19-22 Sep. 2022 Toulouse

Cartoon Forum

For ani­mat­ed TV series projects

Car­toon Forum gath­ers around 1000 par­tic­i­pants from 40 coun­tries

Car­toon Forum wel­comes more than 290 buy­ers

Thanks to Car­toon Forum, 922 series found financ­ing, for a bud­get of 3.95 bil­lion EUR


« When we start­ed our 1st series in 2017 we didn’t even dream of this kind of suc­cess, but we were lucky to get sup­port from MEDIA. Who knew that only 5 years lat­er we would be in the pro­duc­tion of our 3rd IP and that Who Who” and Misho & Robin” would in Croa­t­ia be at the top of the charts. Car­toon Forum has changed our lives! »

Denis Alen­ti Recir­cle (Croa­t­ia)


With the par­tic­i­pa­tion of