Before submitting a project, make sure you prepared all the required elements.

More infor­ma­tion on the projects sub­mis­sion can be found in the TOOL­BOX (ENGLISH) (FRENCH)

Step 1: Pre­pare all the required elements
1. Synopsis

Short description of the story, to be published in Cartoon mobile app and on our website:

  • In English
  • Max. 700 characters including spaces

2. Project File (PDF)

Prepare a file to present your project in the best way, adding the elements that best describe it in order to convince the Selection Committee.

You will find below some suggestions of elements to put in the file, but you are free to re-arrange them.

  • Summary page with the title, producers and co-producers, format, audience, a representative still…
  • The concept of the project
  • The treatment / storylines (extensive description of the story)
  • Several attractive stills of the project
  • A description of the characters
  • A note of intent of the producer
  • A description of the state of progress
  • A copy of the transfer of rights option letter


  • 1 single PDF
  • Try not to exceed 25 pages
  • in English
  • Max 10 MB

Note: we no longer ask for the full storyboard, the European cooperation letters or the points table.

3. Letter of interest

Each project must be accompanied by a written statement of interest from a broadcaster or a streaming platform representative, attesting to their interest in the project. In the online form you will need to provide:

  • Name of the company
  • Name of the contact person
  • PDF of the letter of interest
4. Images

In addition to the images from your project file, prepare 3 nice stills of the project for the mobile app, for our website and for the press.

  • Production companies will be mentioned on the mobile application and the website but we won't add any copyright to the stills ourselves (so please insert one yourself if you want one).
  • Take a look at a preview of how the projects will be published on the website and on the mobile app.

Note that you should not change the pictures once the project has been submitted.

1 vertical still

  • 1920x2560 px, 300 DPI, RGB, jpg, max. 10MB
  • WITH the title of your project
  • WITH the logos or name of the production companies

1 horizontal still

  • 1920x1150 px, 300 DPI, RGB, jpg, max. 10MB
  • Without any text
  • This image has to be different from the vertical one.
  • WITH a discrete mention of the copyright

1 square still

  • 650x650 px, 72 DPI, jpg only, max. 1 MB
  • WITH a discrete mention of the copyright
Step 2: Con­nect to your account

Go to My Cartoon and login or create an account.

Step 3: Com­plete the online form

Go to My Projects, choose Cartoon Forum, and click on “Sub­mit a project”

  • Check the preview of the form and check all the information you must provide.
  • Please fill-in all the required fields, all at once.
  • Don’t forget to click on submit.
  • You will receive a sum­ma­ry by email once it is completed.

Accep­ta­tion of the project — Reg­is­tra­tion to the event

CAR­TOON will inform you of the deci­sion of the Selec­tion Com­mit­tee soon after its deci­sion by 24 May 2024.
Should your project be already sub­mit­ted and selected, please do not for­get to reg­is­ter before the reg­is­tra­tion deadline and to pay the fee.

With­draw­al of projects

Pro­duc­ers whose project has been select­ed at Car­toon­ Forum are not allowed to withdraw their project after 24 June 2024, or they will have to pay the sum of 1000 EUR. This rule is set in order to be fair to the oth­er pro­duc­ers who did­n’t have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to be select­ed.

All changes or cancellations must be communicated in writing to