Eurim­ages Co-pro­duc­tion Devel­op­ment Award

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Cartoon Movie and Eurimages, the cultural fund of the Council of Europe, are pleased to announce the winner of the €20,000 Eurimages Co-production Development Award. The award is aimed to recompense an artistically outstanding animation project in development, which is intended to be made as a co-production.

The winner for the Eurimages Co-production Development Award is:

Pes­ta” by Hanne Berkaak
Pro­duced by Mikro­film (Nor­way), in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Xil­am Films (France) & Knud­sen Pic­tures (Ger­many)

The jury for this award, granted during the 26th edition of Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux, was composed of Eleni Chandrinou (Eurimages – Greece), Gaetano Maiorino (True Colors – Italy), and Martin Gondre (Best Friends Forever – Belgium).

After facing the challenging task of choosing among the remarkable animation projects pitched, the jury has decided to award the Eurimages Co-production Development Award to a very daring and ambitious artistic work, that pushes the boundaries of genre and presents an original audience approach. “Pesta” is a film with a clear vision and a well-balanced creative collaboration between an almost all-female team.

Set in Norway during the Black Death, “Pesta” tells a tragic love story between an unlikely couple: the pious noble girl Astrid (17) and the outlaw heathen Eilev (17). Their paths cross as the world as they know it is coming to an end, creating a possibility for a relationship that defies societal norms.

Previous winners

Listed below are the projects that have been awarded since the beginning of the Eurimages Co-production Development Award in 2018.


"I'm Still Alive"

Produced by by MAD Entertainment (Italy), Lucky Red (Italy), SIPUR (Israel) & Gapbusters (Bel­gium)



Produced by Need Productions (Belgium), co-produced by Creative Touch Studios (France) & Special Touch Studios (France)



Produced by Autour de Minuit (France), co-produced by Panique! (Belgium) & Schmuby (France)



Produced by Anima Vitae (Finland), co-produced by Anima Vitae Point (Malaysia), Animoon (Poland), Godo Films (France) & Parka Pictures (Denmark)


“Of Unwanted Things and People”

Produced by MAUR Film (Czech Republic), co-produced by Artichoke (Slovakia), ZVVIKS (Slovenia) & WJTeam/Likaon (Poland)



Produced by Visual Distractions (Germany), co-produced by Beast Animation (Belgium)