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Eurim­ages Co-pro­duc­tion Devel­op­ment Award

The win­ner for the Eurim­ages Co-pro­duc­tion Devel­op­ment Award is:

Melvile” by Romain Renard & Fursy Teyssier
Pro­duced by Need Pro­duc­tions (BEL) • Cre­ative Touch Stu­dios • Spe­cial Touch Stu­dios (FRA)

The jury was com­posed of Emma Scott (Screen Ire­land – Ire­land), Frédéric Corvez (Urban Group – France) and Rose-Marie Strand (Folkets Bio – Swe­den). The jury was very impressed with the high lev­el of the 8 projects pre­sent­ed to them. There was such a diver­si­ty of visu­al styles, sto­ry-telling and method­ol­o­gy, as well as a won­der­ful selec­tion of Euro­pean coun­tries part­ner­ing with each oth­er. This made the job to choose a win­ner very difficult!

How­ev­er one project per­suad­ed the jury in the end: Melvile. They respond­ed to this dark and intri­cate sto­ry which ful­ly immersed them in the world of the pro­tag­o­nist. Adapt­ed from a graph­ic nov­el, the film-mak­ers have devised a new method of ani­ma­tion, called char­coal­i­sa­tion, to serve the orig­i­nal vision of the cre­ator real­ly successfully.
Lead by Bel­gian pro­duc­er, Need Pro­duc­tions, part­ner­ing with French com­pa­nies Cre­ative Touch and Spe­cial Touch Stu­dios, the script was writ­ten by Olivi­er Tol­let from the graph­ic nov­el by Romain Renard and will be codi­rect­ed by Renard and Fursy Teyssier.
This Eurim­ages devel­op­ment award will enable the com­pa­nies to con­tin­ue their project devel­op­ment and to find a 3rd part­ner to begin the jour­ney to production. 

Sébastien Onomo (Spe­cial Touch Stu­dios), Anne-Lau­re Gué­gan (Need Pro­duc­tions), Romain Renard (Cre­ative Touch Stu­dios), Fursy Teyssier (Cre­ative Touch Studios)

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The Coun­cil of Europe’s Eurim­ages Fund & Car­toon have joined forces in order to award the Eurim­ages Co-pro­duc­tion Devel­op­ment Award. A cash-prize of €20,000, this award has been cre­at­ed to pro­mote the Fund’s role in encour­ag­ing inter­na­tion­al co-pro­duc­tion from the ini­tial stages of a project. We are hap­py to present the 8 projects that will be pitched at Car­toon Movie and are nom­i­nees for the Eurim­ages Co-pro­duc­tion Devel­op­ment Award.

Nom­i­nees for the Eurim­ages Co-pro­duc­tion Devel­op­ment Award

  • At the Ark at 8“
    Pro­duced by Zoop­er Film (Ger­many) — Co-pro­duced by Now Films (Ger­many), Par­ka Pic­tures (Den­mark) & Hydral­ab (Den­mark)
  • Born Hap­py“
    Pro­duced by Atom Art (Latvia) — Co-pro­duced by Letko (Poland) & Pikkukala (Fin­land)
  • Flow“
    Pro­duced by Dream Well (Latvia) — Co-pro­duced by Sacre­bleu Pro­duc­tions (France) & CINÉ-LIT­TÉ Pro­duc­tions (Ger­many)
  • Liv­ing Large”
    Pro­duced by Bar­let­ta (Czech Repub­lic) — Co-pro­duced by Novan­i­ma Pro­duc­tions (France) & NOVIN­S­KI (Slo­va­kia)
  • Melvile“
    Pro­duced by Need Pro­duc­tions (Bel­gium) — Co-pro­duced by Cre­ative Touch Stu­dios (France) & Spe­cial Touch Stu­dios (France)
  • Starseed“
    Pro­duced by Spe­cial Touch Stu­dios (France) — Co-pro­duced by Aparte Film (Roma­nia)
  • Trip to Teu­la­da“
    Pro­duced by Isla Pro­duc­tions (France) — Co-pro­duced by 2d3D Ani­ma­tions (France) & Mom­mot­ty (Italy)
  • Young Vin­cent“
    Pro­duced by Sub­ma­rine (Nether­lands) — Co-pro­duced by Tchack (France)