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Here is a list of measures already put in place by Cartoon during CartoonNext.



Our audiovisual settings and equipment are the result of a long-term partnership with Neumann & Müller, a team of Ecovadis certified technicians. They install equipment that is as sustainable as possible, such as LED lights and reusable devices.

More information about our technicians’ commitments


Our local caterer HELEN is committed to numerous ecological initiatives. Certified ISO 20121, HELEN undertakes many eco-responsible actions such as selective sorting during receptions and recyclable materials use. They also fight food waste by distributing leftovers to associations in need.

Con­gress Center

Eco-responsibility is a priority for the World Trade Center. In addition to undertaking the ISO 20121 certification, the WTC implements various measures, such as waste sorting, regulating energy use, and actively contributing to "Flowers for Bees".


We selected hotels that are rather close to the Congress Center to facilitate the use of public transports. All the hotels we work with are in some measure engaged with sustainable practices such as selective sorting of trash, recycling, water control system, selection of local and organic products for breakfast, use of led lamps and sensors to reduce energy consumption.

More info about our hotels’ commitments:

Social Events

Le République, a solidarity restaurant run by the association La Petite Lili, was the venue for Cartoon Next 2023's Welcome Dinner. As part of its commitments, the restaurant donates leftover food to local humanitarian organizations, offers many job opportunities, and put in place a solidarity system where clients' bills contribute to the payment and preparation of meals for beneficiaries who cannot afford restaurants.


The Congress Center is easily accessible by public transportation. In order to get to social events while reducing carbon footprints, 90% of the trips made by the Cartoon team and participants are done by electric Tesla vehicles.


Mobile App

Cartoon's mobile app provides all the important information about our events. Travel vouchers and feedback forms can only be found in the app, which considerably reduces the amount of paper printed.


The Selection Committee for CartoonNext always pays particular attention to projects promoting sustainability, inclusion, and diversity.



We only print the agenda, and only one is given per participants. It has a very few pages, and we try to fit as much information as possible on our mobile app instead of on the agendas, in order to avoid paper waste.


Classic signage – Classic signage such as directions, or signs are reused every year to avoid printing waste.

Roll ups – CARTOON usually has a three-year commitment in a specific city for each Master. As long as the event is in the same city, we will bring and use the same roll-ups. Moreover, CartoonNext’ extra time roll ups are reused from past events.



Cartoon uses its own laptops both at the office and on events, to ensure computers are no longer rented to reduce CO2 emissions from road traffic.


All contracts that we send to our partners (and vice versa) are signed digitally.


Dropbox is an online storage and sharing service that we use within the team to keep all documents related to the Cartoon Masters and avoid printing them.

Video con­fer­ences

Most of our meetings with our partners are held by video conference. This system allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by travelling less, and at the same time we have more intensive and regular exchanges with our partners - thus strengthening communication.