Report 2024

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Kicking off on 9 April in Marseille, the third edition of CartoonNext brought together professionals from the animation industry and related sectors. Featuring inspiring keynotes, panels & case studies, along with 8 pitching sessions showcasing innovative projects with multi-platform ambitions, the event provided a deep dive into the future challenges facing the industry. This year’s edition was brimming with rich content, lively exchanges, and insightful discussions.

CartoonNext is a three-day seminar and pitching event where participants can see firsthand how industry actors and experts are addressing new challenges together. The event boasted a robust and diverse lineup of speakers and experts, covering a wide array of topics and projects from various regions. Moreover, this year we saw a fresh and varied assembly of new experts—over 67% were newcomers—spanning broadcasters, distributors, producers, platform specialists, and key creatives, all contributing to a vibrant and forward-thinking programme.

On Tuesday 9 April, Vanessa Chapman, Head of Content CartoonNext, opened the event with the usual welcome words. She outlined the mission of CartoonNext as “Imagineering the future of Animation and Digital Content” and reassured participants that all sessions were designed to offer forward-looking insights and advice on the upcoming trends in the industry.

Laurent Lhardit, Deputy Mayor for Economy, Employment, and Digital Economy of Ville de Marseille, emphasised the city’s longstanding and sustainable tradition in the audiovisual sector, and particularly in animation. He highlighted that CartoonNext is an essential gathering for animation and video game professionals, aiming to foster a comprehensive reflection on the future of the creative and digital industries. He also pointed out the significance of the event for Marseille, a city that looks to the future. Expressing honour in hosting the third edition of the event, he wished everyone a successful event.

After warmly welcoming all participants, Gaby Charroux, Deputy Vice-President for Cinema and the Creative Industry of Aix-Marseille Provence Métropole called attention to CartoonNext’s role in fostering economic development and encouraging the emergence of a vibrant ecosystem at local, regional, and international levels. He also stressed the event’s contribution to talent emergence, particularly among students – a focus of significant importance. He finally announced the launch of the Fonds d'Aide Cinéma, Audiovisuel et Multimédia Métropolitain (FACAMM) in 2024, reinforcing Aix-Marseille Provence Métropole’s commitment to supporting the animation sector.

Following his greetings, Michel Bissière, Art & Culture Advisor for Région Sud, recognised CartoonNext as a cornerstone of the region's cultural agenda and a catalyst for enhancing the animation sector. He praised the event for bolstering the region’s European and international stature, offering opportunities for young talent and professionals. He also underscored that CartoonNext is aligning with Région Sud’s goals and investments to nurture the animation industry, to promote artistic creation, and to accelerate the ecological transition of the cultural sector as a whole.

Mathieu Morfin, President of SudAnim, thanked CARTOON for organizing such a significant event for the third year, acknowledging its positive impact on the region. He outlined SudAnim’s role in both the national and international animation landscapes and reaffirmed the commitment to support and develop the industry, with the aim of positioning the Region Sud as the third hub of France.


CartoonNext presented a comprehensive programme consisting of 14 keynotes, panels & case studies delivered by leading experts working in various sectors, including producers, key creatives, broadcasters, investors, and specialists in emerging technologies, new media platforms, gaming, data analysts, licensing, and talent management. The primary objective was to explore the future landscape of animation, especially focusing on the imminent challenges and opportunities for the industry.

Over three days, the event delved into the realm of new technologies, examining the possibilities and the concerns they raise. It offered diverse perspectives from traditional platforms such as publishing, licensing, and broadcasting, alongside emerging voices in animation. Discussions revolved around prevalent trends, supported by successful stories and case studies covering topics like adult animation, anime, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and innovative distribution methods.

Key topics included:

  • The future trajectory of animation through a data-driven lens.
  • What the future holds for anime, a highly popular genre.
  • Strategies for nurturing emerging talent in Africa.
  • Focus on adult animation with Bobbypills, the first European studio wholly devoted to this genre.
  • Using the creative potential of A.I. in a constructive manner across different demographics.
  • Examining cutting-edge technologies relevant to animation, including Spatial Computing and A.I.
  • Future prospects for traditional platforms, such as licensing, publishing, and broadcasting.
  • Insights into the trajectories of industry leaders like Studio Meala, Cinemon Entertainment, and Epic Games.
  • Analysis of a social media-driven project, illustrated by the case of “Samuel”.

To conclude the first day on Tuesday 9 April, two short films from the region were also showcased to all attendees: the Oscar-nominated short film “Pachyderme” by Stéphanie Clément (TNZPV & Folimage), and the multi-award-winning comedy “Boom” by Romain Augier, Charles Di Cicco, Gabriel Augerai, Yannick Jacquin & Laurie Pereira De Figueiredo (École des Nouvelles Images – ENSI).


Out of the 30 projects submitted to CartoonNext, the Selection Committee chose 8 projects from across Europe, specifically tailored for digital platforms. The selection predominantly targeted Teenagers and Young Adults (3 projects each), while 2 projects were aimed at Children. Ambitious and captivating projects with compelling transmedia strategies were presented, encompassing various animated formats (TV series, films & digital content), along with gaming (mobile, video, live), publishing, music, and AR/VR experiences. Represented countries included France, Italy, Finland, Poland, Ireland, and Germany.

Meaningful interactions with all producers were facilitated during the feedback sessions following each pitch, at the Extra Time corner and during social networking moments. It was gratifying to witness the quality of ideas - with a noticeable emphasis on meticulous cross-media strategies. The submissions came from producers and creators of different backgrounds, aptitudes, and levels of experience, including well-established companies such as Wiggleywoo (Susan Broe) with their project “Deco’s Records” as well as emerging talent like David Mirailles with his project “The Broos”.


CartoonNext also hosted a Coaching Programme from 8 to 11 April, catering to over 50 pre-selected students coming from regional 8 schools: Brassart Aix-en-Provence, École de Condé Marseille (EDC), École Kourtrajmé Marseille, ESRA – Côté d’Azur, Lycée Marie Curie, MJM Graphic Design, MoPA, and YNOV Campus Aix, all based in the Region Sud, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, and the city of Marseille. Tutored by Agnès Bizzaro in parallel with the main event, the programme aimed to engage students in the animation industry while offering them an opportunity to learn pitching skills.

16 projects were submitted by local schools, and 6 of them were selected for pitching sessions in front of experts from the territory. 3 prizes were awarded to the winning projects:
Soraya” by Goli Atefi from École MoPA got the Région Sud Prize, granting a professional accreditation for MIFA; “Le Dernier Lancement” by Lucie Donadio from École MoPA received the Do Not Disturb Prize, entailing a direct selection for a writing residency in Arles; and “Les Archives” from Zita Dethoury, Marin Cadin, Lou Moncollin, Angel Knowles, and Colin Lagarde from Lycée Marie Curie secured one free participation to Cartoon Springboard 2024.

A new addition to the 2024 edition was the Portfolio Review initiative held on Tuesday morning, enabling local students (by groups of 4 or 5) to meet with professionals (2 meetings of 30 minutes each) to present their portfolios and receive feedback and advice. This initiative was highly successful.

Through the Coaching Programme, CARTOON strives to integrate students from creative schools into a training programme that serves as a springboard for the new generation, providing them with knowledge, exposure to the European market, an expanded network, and, most importantly, increased confidence in their abilities.


While there is no formal application process for attending the seminar part of CartoonNext, we welcome all prospective “participants” from across the EU, ensuring a 100% acceptance rate. However, applicants must be professionals within or aspiring to join the animation industry. With CartoonNext, our primary objective as a training event is to enhance the skills and capabilities of European animation professionals throughout their careers by providing top-level content training and promoting an international perspective and cross-sectoral approach, which are characteristic of the animation industry. Additionally, we offered scholarships to 5% of participants from countries with low audiovisual capacity.



In terms of environmentally friendly practices, CARTOON has focused on several key actions:

  • Educating and raising awareness within the in-house team by setting up an eco-responsible policy and a sustainable committee led by members of the team.
  • Collaborating with consulting firms such as 21 Solutions to pursue certification.
  • Decreasing the company’s carbon footprint through measures such as reducing transportation and/or encouraging sustainable commuting options, implementing new processes, practicing waste sorting, managing energy consumption, adopting eco-friendly practices, and conducting a carbon audit to assess the company’s CO2 emissions.