Host Region: Region Sud (France)


Marseille is pleased to host and support this second edition of CartoonNext, marking its desire to support the development of the animation and video game industries, alongside its local partners.

Marseille has the objective of becoming a capital of Creative Cultural Industries on a Euro-Mediterranean scale by capitalising on its positioning in the film and audiovisual sectors. And also in connection with the settlement of entrepreneurs and artists who come in this territory to find an urban, cosmopolitan environment that is resolutely oriented towards the Mediterranean and Africa.

Through the "Marseille en grand" and "France 2030" plans, you can be sure to find in our city an alignment of public players, funding and visibility for your projects. With the upcoming modernised Belle-de-Mai Media Centre, a veritable hub where the film, audiovisual, multimedia and CCI come together (schools, incubator, etc.) and, more broadly, the projects supported by our ecosystem, you will find a breeding ground for the development of the digital audiovisual sector, whose dynamism no longer needs to be proven.

The animation sector has developed considerably in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region in recent years, for which the support fund has existed since 2010. It provides grants for feature films, short films, TV specials and series at the writing, development and production stages. With a budget of one million euros, the regional support fund for animation has financed more than 90 projects since its creation. Produced in one of the 15 regional studios or locally based companies, these projects have created a dynamic ecosystem in this attractive region that also hosts several internationally renowned schools.

With its new economic development agenda, built around 6 sectors of excellence, including cultural and creative industries, the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis aims to support the development of the animation sector and new modes of distribution, which are sources of economic opportunities for companies and employment. The institution thus supports local structuring projects, such as studios, and favours the emergence of an ecosystem specialised in production and post-production, within the framework of its missions to accompany project leaders in their search for financing, economic aid or location.

The objective of the Metropolis is to make our territory one of the world leaders in production, particularly digital, in line with the priorities set by the State in the context of the France 2030 call for projects "the Great Image Factory", by helping to structure a powerful sector positioned on the most advanced technologies. Finally, the Metropolis wishes to integrate the animation sector into its cooperation strategy with the Mediterranean and Africa.

Lastly, in order to contribute to this dynamic, private actors have grouped together since April 2021 within SudAnim, a non profit organization that unites the professionals of the animation and video game industry. Its objective is to promote the sector and its key stakeholders in order to take a leading position on a national and international scale. The association currently has around one hundred members.


SudAn­im 2024