Before submitting a project, make sure you prepared all the required elements.

More information about the Projects' submission in the TOOLBOX.

Step 1: Pre­pare all the required elements
1. Synopsis

Short description of the story, to be published in Cartoon mobile App and on our website
- In English
- Max. 700 characters including spaces

2. Project file (PDF)

Prepare the "Project File", a PDF presentation of your project:

  • Try not to exceed 20 pages
  • It must be written in English

> The "Project File" should present your project in the best way, adding the elements that best describe it in order to convince the Selection Committee.

You will find below some suggestions of elements to put in the file, as are relevant to your project but you are free to re-arrange them:

  • Summary page with the title, producers, key creative and other talent, audience, a representative still, the format…
  • The concept/note of intent: it should explain what the project is (briefly mention the origin of the project), why it lends itself to multiplatform development, and which developments you are considering (max. 2 pages).
  • The synopsis
  • Nice stills of the project and graphic elements: Make it attractive!

  • The treatment/storylines (extensive description of the story)
  • A description of the characters
  • A description of the environments
  • A description of functionality
  • A description of game play, if relevant
  • A description of play patterns, if relevant
  • A description of the state of progress
  • Suggestion for additional information: any roll-out, distribution or marketing plans, as known; any financials and business plans, as known
  • Detail as much as you can the content/platform that you will develop. Please be aware that to obtain clear and helpful advice from our panel of experts, you will need to be as precise as possible.

3. Images

Choose 3 nice stills of the project for Cartoon’s mobile application, and for our website.

  • Producers will be mentioned on the pages but we won't add any copyright to the stills ourselves (so please insert one yourself if you want one)
  • Have a look at the website presentation, and at the page in the mobile application to see how the images will be displayed.

1 square still (650x650 px, 300 DPI, RGB, jpg)
Max: 1 MB

1 vertical still (1920x2560 px, 300 DPI, RGB, jpg)
WITH the title of your project and WITH the logos or name of the production companies. Max: 10 MB

1 horizontal still (1920x1150 px, 300 DPI, RGB, jpg)
Without any text, this picture must be different than the vertical picture.
Max: 10 MB

Step 2: Con­nect to your account

Go to My Cartoon and login or create an account.

Step 3: Com­plete the online form

Go to My Projects, choose CartoonNext, and click on "Submit a project"

  • Check the preview of the form here and check all the information you must provide.
  • Please fill-in all the required fields, all at once.
  • Don’t forget to click on submit.
  • You will receive a sum­ma­ry by email once it is completed.

Acceptation of the project - Registration to the event

CARTOON will inform you of the decision of the selection committee soon after its decision (week of 12 February 2024).
Should your project be already submitted and approved, please do not forget to register before the registration deadline.

Withdrawal of projects

Producers whose project has been selected at CartoonNext can't withdraw their project after 13 February 2024, or they will have to pay the sum of 400 EUR. This rule is set in order to be fair to the other producers who didn't have the opportunity to be selected.