Host Town: Mar­seille (France)

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A global city, Marseille attracts and inspires. Built on a natural calanque 2,600 years ago, it has carried its strong identity through the centuries. Its openness to the world, its light, its neighborhoods and its creeks offer a fabulous diversity.

Marseille's objective is to become a capital of Creative Cultural Industries on a Euro-Mediterranean scale. This orientation is based on the renewed attractiveness of Marseille in terms of the economy beyond the audiovisual sector (animation, video games, etc.); new players, entrepreneurs who are looking for this urban, cosmopolitan, Mediterranean-oriented environment.

"Marseille en grand" and the "Plan France 2030" propose an alignment of public players, funding and visibility. In terms of infrastructure, the City and the State are strongly committed, with the support of the Region Sud in particular, to the « Marseille en Grand »plan announced in September 2021. Several projects will be launched, including the rehabilitation of the « Pôle Media ». The City is positioning itself as a facilitator for these projects, for example in the search for real estate, or in connecting the various players.

More than ever, Marseille is strengthening its dynamic position as an attractive city to live in, both for its citizens and for those who choose to invest in it, settle here or simply come to discover it.