Keynotes & Masterclass

Discover below the full programme of keynotes, panel & masterclass for the 10th edition of Cartoon Springboard.

MASTERCLASS • Back to the Garage Days by Rodrigo Blaas

About the masterclass

Speaker: Rodrigo Blaas, Co-Founder and Creative Director at El Guiri Studios (Spain)

Rodrigo Blaas (Star Wars: Visions, 3Below: Tales of Arcadia, Trollhunters,…) will share insights on how embracing the uncertainty of the blank canvas can reignite the creative spirit. He will walk us through his search to find the passion of the early garage days and being part of meaningful animated storytelling experiences.

KEYNOTE • Developing original IPs in the franchise era by Perrine Gauthier

About the keynote

Speaker: Perrine Gauthier, Co-founder and Producer at La Cabane (France) & Thuristar (Belgium)

At a time when franchises and adaptations dominate a big part of the animation market, how much room is there left for original IPs? Perrine’s presentation delves into the ways authors and producers collaborate to bring new characters and worlds to life, and to turn them into international successes. Is creative freedom compatible with commercial success? Spoiler alert, the answer is YES.

KEYNOTE • The A.I. tsunami is coming: can we surf it or will we get crushed? by Nick Dorra

About the keynote

Speaker: Nick Dorra, Producer at Haruworks (Finland)

Part gentle nudge, part vuvuzela concert, Nick's presentation starts with defining the letters "A.I." in our industry context. Next we look at approaches to integrating this new technology in your studio or personal workflows, and end with some hazy predictions and a call for experimentation and collaboration.

KEYNOTE • The Writing Odyssey: from a brilliant idea to distribution! by Valérie Magis

About the keynote

Speaker: Valérie Magis, Scriptwriter (Belgium)

What do you want to experience, and bring to life? Are you on the right track: are you certain about the form, format, destination, and audience you wish to engage with? Between documentary research and bursts of creativity: how do you stay on course, manage your schedule, channel your energy, and keep faith in your project despite the bumps along the way? How to find and choose the right travel companions with whom to dream, build, and struggle (a lot): co-author, script doctor, and producer…

PANEL Grand Finale for Cartoon Springboard's 10th anniversary

About the panel

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cartoon Springboard, we invite several young professionals who took part in past editions of the event to share their experiences, what they have learned, and their future plans. Participate in this closing roundtable to meet and engage with them.

More info about the schedule is coming soon.