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Why should you pitch your project?

It is a unique opportunity for young talents of animation! In 2 days, you measure the real maturity of your project, you know if it is adapted to the needs of broadcasters or to the requests of distributors. The experts point out the strengths and weaknesses of your project, what you need to improve, change, or highlight to make your project more consistent and in line with market requirements... To give your project a better chance of existing one day! It will not be easy, but be aware that some projects pitched at Cartoon Springboard have as a result been pitched at Cartoon Forum (TV series), Cartoon Movie (feature films) and CartoonNext (crossmedia).

  • Dare to create! Propose your new animation project and enter the specialised market better prepared. Be part of the new generation!
  • Test and pitch your animation project in front of a panel of experts.
  • Get instant practical advice and guidance.
  • Learn about detailed budget costs and business plans, best practices, audience engagement, new partnerships…
  • Connect with today’s main buyers and producers.

Cartoon Springboard targets

  • Euro­pean young tal­ents in animation.
  • Talents graduated from animation schools for a max­i­mum of 5 years.
  • Talents who want to get inspiration and knowledge on new opportunities from a creative and business point of view.

The event is also open to young talents without a project but who have a project in mind for the future and are willing to learn how to pitch and how to better prepare new projects.


– Learn about market realities

– Get instant practical advice

– Network with professionals

> +150 participants from 16 nationalities

> 22 - 24 promising projects

> 25 European experts

> A unique place to pitch safely a first animation project