Host Town: Mar­seille (France)

Pho­to © Mical­eff — Vieux port notre dame de la garde

A global city, Marseille attracts and inspires. Built on a natural calanque 2,600 years ago, it has carried its strong identity through the centuries. Its openness to the world, its light, its neighborhoods and its creeks offer a fabulous diversity. Sports city, city of culture, it is European Capital in 2013 and European Capital of Sport in 2017. Marseille will host the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games.

In just a few years, Marseille has developed a powerful film and audiovisual industry, and the animation and video game sector is booming today.

More than ever, Marseille is strengthening its dynamic position as an attractive city to live in, as much for its citizens as for those who choose to invest in it, settle here or those who come to simply explore it. Marseille has a wealth of strengths and talents in its fields of excellence: health, the maritime sector, aeronautics, tourism, the environment, art and digital technologies. The City of Marseille has a structured ecosystem of professionals in the Cultural and Creative Industries. It plays a key role in the field of film and entertainment, and is implementing initiatives to develop the booming animation and video game sector. Today the city aims to accompany and support a process of structuration of the community of local professionals.