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Spotlight on Italy

The Italian animation industry, shaped by influential figures like Bruno Bozzetto, Osvaldo Cavandoli, and Enzo D'Alò, currently encompasses over 80 companies, focusing on both original productions, international coproductions and service works. Although a few recent feature films, such as Gatta Cenerentola and Metamorphosis, have garnered international acclaim, the core business of Italian animation primarily revolves around TV series. These include globally popular shows like Geronimo Stilton, Calimero, Winx Club, and more recently, the two Zerocalcare series, among many others.

The public broadcaster RAI serves as the main source of funding and Italian producers collaborate extensively with companies across Europe and the world: international co-productions are indeed a cornerstone of the Italian animation industry, involving partnerships with animation industries of other countries to jointly create and finance projects (Chicken for Linda! and No Dogs or Italians Allowed are two recent and successful cases of co-production with France).

Since 2016, the new Italian tax credit has supported audiovisual activities, allowing international co-productions involving an Italian producer and foreign productions made in Italy to benefit from a percentage of tax credit on the eligible cost of production (currently up to 40%). This incentive strengthened the competitiveness of the Italian animation industry on the global stage.

In terms of public incentives, in addition to tax credit, the animation sector is strengthened by Regional Funds dedicated to supporting national and international productions and the Ministry of Culture’s automatic and selective funds, including one dedicated to Italian Minority Coproductions.

The short film and TV specials sector is also thriving, with many emerging creators making significant strides and achieving remarkable success both nationally and internationally. Their accomplishments highlight the high quality of training provided by animation institutes, which consistently produce skilled professionals every year.

There are around 6,000 operators in the animation sector in Italy, of which 60% are young people under 35 years of age, while the global turnover of the Italian industry is approximately 200 million euros.

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The Italian film commissions recognise the importance of Cartoon Forum and seize this opportunity to tell Europe and the world about the significance of their districts.

The 5 Italian projects selected


2D com­put­er / 26x13’ / Chil­dren (6-9)

Pro­duced by POPCult, co-pro­duced by Ani­malps Pro­duc­tions (France) & Kru­tart (Czech Republic)


2D com­put­er / 26x11’ / Fam­i­ly

Pro­duced by IBRI­DO Studio


2D com­put­er / 10x25’ / Chil­dren (5-7)

Pro­duced by Vis­man­i­ma­tion

Mis­sion Delta

2D com­put­er / 26x10’ / Chil­dren (6-9)

Pro­duced by Eagle Orig­i­nal Con­tent, co-pro­duced by MAD Enter­tain­ment (Italy)

No Pets!

2D com­put­er / 26x11’ / Chil­dren (5-7)

Pro­duced by Nuv­ole e Strisce