Lounge 2023

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Producers who pitched a project last year have the opportunity to participate in the Cartoon Forum 2024 in order to continue the discussions initiated in 2023. There is neither a specific place nor a setup time to hold these discussions. You will be free to make appointments when and where you want (for example, in the Bar area). You will have to bring your own material (laptop, tablet, etc.) to present your project.

Benefits of the Lounge category

  • Presentation on the website & agenda
    Producers and their projects will be presented on the website and in the agenda, which will be distributed on the spot to all participants.

Registration & Lounge form

If you want to register in this category, please mention the title of your project together with your registration at Cartoon Forum.

  • We will then send you the Lounge Form (information about your project from last year’s guidebook) and ask you to check whether it is still up to date.
  • No trailer will be required.
  • No visual for the Digital Exhibition will be required.
  • You will be able to attend the pitching sessions as an observer or potential co-producer but we remind you that only projects selected this year will be presented in the 3 Cartoon Forum studios.

List of Lounge 2023 Projects

The list of projects will be available end of July 2024.