Report on the project selection

We are happy to announce the line-up for Cartoon Forum next edition: 80 new TV series, mini-series, and TV specials projects involving independent studios from 19 countries.
Cartoon Forum’s statistics remain similar to the previous years. Shortlisted from 137 submissions, the 80 selected projects have a total budget of 367.2 M€ with an average cost per project of 4,5M€; though the cost per minute of animation production has slightly increased compared to 2021 (12,815 € per minute vs 11,887 € in 2021 – it's coming back to the level reached before the pandemic: 12,250 €).


19 European countries (main production)

About co-productions

  • 27 countries in total: 19 main producers + Canada, Chile, Japan, Peru, Portugal, United Kingdom, Uruguay and USA as co-producers
  • 35 projects (43%) are co-productions, among them 20 projects (24%) involve two or more countries.
  • Germany, Belgium, and France are the most active co-producers in Europe.

Selected projects – behind the scene

  • A few recognised professionals are working on the selected projects: Phil Molloy (creative executive of "Bob the Builder") is working as scriptwriter on "Max" produced by Submarine (NL) – Marie Beardmore (writer of many successful TV series such as "Angry Birds Toon" or "Sonic Boom") is now the author and producer of "Mervyn's Album" produced by Kick the Door Productions (ESP) – Reza Memari (writer of the beloved "Richard the Stork") has written the script for "The Last Whale Singer Series" produced by Telescope Animation (GER).
  • Well-known production companies are presenting their latest TV series: Cyber Group Studios (FRA) with “The Tern”, Folivari (FRA) with "Nino Dino", Laïdak Films (FRA) with "Round and Round the Wishing Well" (a sequel for "Mum is pouring rain”), Letko (POL) with “Happy not lucky”, TeamTO (FRA) with "Next Level: Odyssey", Wiggleywoo (IRL) with “Doopydoo”, Wolkenlenker (GER) with “Tiger and Bear”, Xilam Animation (FRA) with "Phil & Sophia".
  • 2 projects previously pitched at Cartoon Springboard made it to Cartoon Forum: "My Superhero Husband" produced by Addart Production (aka Funny Tales) (GRE) and "Best Friends Forever… Stranded!" by Peekaboo Animation (ESP).
  • Supported by the Region Occitanie, Xbo films (FRA) will present their new TV special project: "Marcel, Father Christmas (and the Little Pizza Delivery Boy)".