Host Region: Occ­i­tanie (France)

© Saada Romain / Ferrer Fabien / Region Occitanie
© Saa­da Romain / Fer­rer Fabi­en / Region Occitanie

The Occitanie region is the most attractive territory in France. It is the second largest metropolitan area. From Lot to Gard, it offers an unparalleled diversity of landscapes.

Occitanie attracts more than 41,600 new inhabitants each year (+0.7% per year on average between 2013 and 2021). With the highest population growth in France, it currently has 6 million residents. First region in France for business creation, our region is a welcoming and attractive territory. Its GDP ranks 4th among French regions (7.5% of national GDP) in 2021. 1st French region for the research efforts, it excels in terms of higher education with 35 large schools and universities in Toulouse, Montpellier and throughout the territory, hosting nearly 264,000 students, 31 major engineering schools and colleges and 13 national research organizations.


No need to travel around the world to discover precious wonders, the region has a rich history and an exceptional heritage, with eight World Heritage UNESCO sites, nearly 5,000 historical monuments, 2 National Parks, 1 Marine Natural Park, 41 Grands Sites Occitanie (Top Occitania Sites) and 8 Regional Natural Parks. It has 220 km of Mediterranean coastline and 40,000 hectares of ponds and lagoons. If you love nature, the beach, old stones or beautiful cities, if you love food and are curious, then welcome to Occitanie! As vast as a country, our region has treasures, tastes and exceptional products, the charm of authenticity. Here, the sea and the mountains, the villages and the castles, the vineyards and the sun are waiting for you, as well as the gentle way of life and the hospitality of the inhabitants of Occitanie.