Lisa & Kolos

Kolos, a sterotyp­i­cal hero who is sent by an evil over­lord, Zar­dos, to the plan­et of Tchoukikiss - a world of rain­bows and but­ter­flies and NO con­flict. Inad­ver­tent­ly and unbe­knownst to Kolos, Zar­dos also lands in this world. Lisa, the town’s prob­lem solver is tasked with get­ting Kolos to the Queen of the Land of Rain­bows to have his wish grant­ed. Accord­ing to the leg­end, who­ev­er who man­ages to find this myth­i­cal land will have their wish grant­ed by the Queen. Then Kolos will be able to return home. But they must find the land of Rain­bows before Zar­dos does. The race is on to get to the Land of Rain­bows first.