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Here is a list of measures already put in place by Cartoon during Cartoon Business.



Our audiovisual settings, as well as venue set-up equipment are the result of a long-term partnership with Neumann & Müller. The company has made a clear commitment towards sustainability, and renews their Ecovadis certification with success every year.


The CICCA Cultural Center in Las Palmas uses several ecological measures such as LED lights and a smart lighting system to preserve energy.


We rely on local furniture suppliers for our social events. We also sometimes use furniture provided by the venues our events take place in.


We've chosen a hotel close to the venue to encourage participants to walk (approx. 14 min walking distance) :

Sercotel Hotel Parque
The Sercotel Group has defined its Commitment to Sustainability. They have an energy efficiency plan with measures on the use of: air conditioning and heating, low-energy lighting and sensors, cold rooms and kitchens. They do waste sorting, work with local food suppliers, reduce single-use plastic items and digitize brochures and documentation to avoid paper consumption.

  • The distance from the hotel to the Conference Venue can be done by foot.
  • All social events are accessible by foot from the Conference Venue.
  • For the airport to the city center, we try as much as possible to use multi passenger shuttles.

During Cartoon Business, coffee breaks and lunches are provided by our local caterer Tao & Club Garden. They make a special effort to reduce food waste as much as possible, to use ecological tableware whenever possible, and to use glassware that can be washed and reused. They also sort and recycle all their waste.



As of 2020, Cartoon took the decision to stop printing the guidebook for this Master, which is instead sent digitally, resulting in the reduction of carbon footprint.



None of the documents for Cartoon Business need to be printed. All important documents such as the agenda can be accessed digitally, therefore greatly avoiding paper waste.

  • Classic signage – For our Cartoon Masters, classic signage such as directions, or signs are reused every year to avoid printing waste.
  • Roll ups – CARTOON usually has a three-year commitment in a specific city for each Master. As long as the event is in the same city, we will bring and use the same roll-ups.



Cartoon uses its own laptops both at the office and on events, to ensure computers are no longer rented to reduce CO2 emissions from road traffic.

  • For the emails
    Infomaniak is a Swiss email provider with a strong proactive approach to sustainability. They measure and improve since 2007.
  • For the files
    We use Dropbox to store and share our documents related to Cartoon Forum, and avoid printing them. Dropbox has released in 2021 an ESG report stating their approach to sustainability, and committing to achieve carbon neutrality and the use of 100% renewable energy by 2030.

All contracts that we send to our partners (and vice versa) are signed digitally.


Most of our meetings with our partners are held by video conference. This system allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by travelling less, and at the same time we have more intensive and regular exchanges with our partners - thus strengthening communication.