Car­toon 360 2021: Highlights

Cartoon 360 - Highlights

Cartoon 360 in Lille was a rich experience touching on many aspects of the future of animation. Original projects with innovative ideas went under the scrutiny of 21 top-notch experts, and the resulting discussions were a great learning for everyone, both on stage and in the attendance.
We had a wonderful time!


14 projects selected from 10 EU countries.


Children 36%
Family 29%
Pre-school 14%
Teenagers 14%
Young adults/Adults 7%


TV series 79%
Multiplatform projects 7%
VR Films / Game 7%
Virtual reality / Music experience 7%


  • Story first. Despite the format, the style, the target audience, the real strength of a project will always be the story.
  • Using story and graphic assets to turn an animation project into plenty of new formats: short videos, video game
  • Declining a same universe across multiple platforms and formats to meet kids where they are
  • Turn our concerns into positive action: it’s our responsibility to bring positive projects into kid’s life, and animation has a great potential for being the best influencer
  • The pandemic has changed some behaviors in terms of consuming animation content: shorter format, on multiple platforms, more interactivity, presence in social media, but the core remains: well curated content, from trusted brands, with an educational twist is always a winner.
  • New technologies (algorithm, AI, NFTs, metaverse) are increasing their presence in our kids’ digital lives, whether it’s only a bubble or if there here to last, it’s good to keep an eye on their progress.

The main partners of Cartoon 360 are Creative Europe MEDIA, Region Hauts-de-France, Métropole européenne de Lille et Pictanovo.

Let’s meet soon at Cartoon Business (8-10 December 2021 in Gran Canaria, Spain) or Cartoon Movie (8-10 March 2022 in Bordeaux, France).