Green Objec­tives

Here is a list of measures already put in place by Cartoon during Cartoon Springboard.



Our audiovisual settings and equipment are the result of a long-term partnership with Neumann & Müller, a team of Ecovadis certified technicians. They install equipment that is as sustainable as possible, such as LED lights and reusable devices.

More information about our technicians’ commitments


Our local caterer MICE Catering is committed to 100% sustainable services. Certified by EVENTSOST PREMIUM they use biodegradable packaging and provide local fair-trade products during the event. They also donate excess food to non-profit organizations.

More information on MICE Catering’s commitments


We rely on local furniture suppliers for our social events. We also sometimes use furniture provided by the venues our events take place in.


We always prioritize hotels close to the venue to encourage participants to walk instead of using transports (Max. 10 to 15 min walking distance).

  • Abba Hotel – Location: city center. As part of its sustainability plan, this hotel focuses on sustainability, environment, waste management, and people and society. The hotel policy is to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, this includes the services and products from third parties. A waste management system has been implemented for global hotel waste, including plastic, packaging, paper, cardboard, glass, organic, and non-organic materials.
  • VP El Madrono – Location: city center. This hotel put in place a “We are ECO plan”, which takes care of reducing plastic waste, minimizing water consumption, encouraging electric mobility and promoting recycling. More info
  • Most places for our social events are accessible by foot from the Conference Venue.
  • Whenever possible, we give priority to train travel instead of plane. For part of those travelling by plane, Cartoon contributes to projects of climate protection that compensate the CO2 emissions.
  • For the airport to the city center, we try as much as possible to use multi passenger shuttles.

A number of sustainability certifications have been awarded to El Beatriz in Madrid. El Beatriz has received two BREEAM ES certifications for building maintenance and management, as well as a 100% green energy use certification.


Guide­book (ex catalogue)

The guidebook has always been sent digitally to participants since the creation of the event in 2015.

Mobile App

Cartoon's mobile app provides all the important information about our events. Travel vouchers and feedback forms can only be found in the app, which considerably reduces the amount of paper printed.


The Selection Committee for Cartoon Springboard always pays particular attention to projects promoting sustainability, inclusion, and diversity.



We only print the agenda, and only one is given per participants. It only has a few pages and is made using recycled paper. We try to fit as much information as possible on our mobile app instead of on the agenda in order to avoid paper waste.

  • Classic signage – For our Cartoon Masters, classic signage such as directions, or signs are reused every year to avoid printing waste.
  • Roll ups – CARTOON usually has a three-year commitment in a specific city for each Master. As long as the event is in the same city, we will bring and use the same roll-ups.



Cartoon uses its own laptops both at the office and on events, to ensure computers are no longer rented to reduce CO2 emissions from road traffic.


All contracts that we send to our partners (and vice versa) are signed digitally.


Dropbox is an online storage and sharing service that we use within the team to keep all documents related to the Cartoon Masters and avoid printing them.

Video con­fer­ences

Most of our meetings with our partners are held by video conference, as well as the Selection Committee for Cartoon Springboard. This system allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by travelling less, and at the same time we have more intensive and regular exchanges with our partners - thus strengthening communication.