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The Red Cliff

A fan­tas­ti­cal fairy­tale series, with excit­ing tales from the past retold with curi­ous and quirky char­ac­ters who explore a medieval Netherlands.

In the north of the Low Coun­tries lies a small town called Sta­voren. In this place filled with bor­ing fish­ers and farm­ers, one young boy called Joris (10) desires to be a knight! 

Every day he trav­els into the woods to prac­tise his knight­ship… and to have adven­tures with Duna (11), a young witch apprentice.

Duna lives with her grand­ma Cor in a hut in the woods. Togeth­er, Duna and Joris go on jour­neys in the area, but when they explore a cave below the Red Cliff, they unwit­ting­ly set the stage for the adven­ture of a lifetime.