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HERE is the first VR inter­ac­tive locked room mys­tery fea­tur­ing a non-lin­ear detec­tive sto­ry and orig­i­nal inter­ac­tion mechan­ic. Mateo, a retired com­ic book artist, is found dead in his home. The room is locked from the inside and the mur­der­er has van­ished with­out a trace. It appears to be impos­si­ble. How did the cul­prit do it? HERE is a mod­ern take on a clas­sic detec­tive sto­ry inter­twined with a tale about just how far we are will­ing to go for love. A sto­ry that begins hun­dreds of years ago and whose key wit­ness­es, the only ones that tru­ly know what hap­pened, are the walls of a house. Trav­el in time and fol­low the leads to solve this orig­i­nal who­dun­nit full of intrigu­ing characters.