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Pro­gram 2022

Down­load the Agen­da of Car­toon Movie (PDF)

Tues­day 8 March

Arrival — Rehearsals for new pro­duc­ers — Ani­ma­tion & Trans­me­dia — Wel­come Dinner

Arrival of participants

Dur­ing the day

Rehearsals for new producers

Ani­ma­tion & Trans­me­dia: Keynotes

Sup­port­ed by Region Nou­velle-Aquitaine, Bor­deaux Metro­pole, Mage­lis, CoBo & SO Games

Ani­ma­tion & Trans­me­dia: One-to-one meetings

Wel­come Dinner

  • Wel­come Din­ner at La Boca Food­court, offered by Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Wednes­day 9 March

Wel­come Words & Crois­sant Show — Pitch­ing Ses­sions — Lunch & Cof­fee Show — Pitch­ing Ses­sions — Free evening

Wel­come Words & Crois­sant Show

Pitch­ing Sessions

Lunch & Cof­fee Show

  • Lunch Buf­fet offered by Cre­ative Europe — MEDIA
  • Trib­utes 2022: Pro­duc­er’s Nominees
  • Cof­fee show

Pitch­ing Sessions

Hap­py Hour Nordic Spotlight

Cock­tail at the Palais des Con­grès offered by the Nordic Spotlight

Free evening

Thurs­day 10 March

Crois­sant Show — Pitch­ing Ses­sions — Car­toon Trib­utes, Eurim­ages Award & Lunch — Pitch­ing Ses­sions — Farewell Cocktail

Crois­sant Show

  • Crois­sant Show
  • Trib­utes 2022: Dis­trib­u­tor’s Nominees

Pitch­ing Sessions

Lunch & Car­toon Trib­utes & Eurim­ages Award & Cof­fee Show

  • Lunch Buf­fet offered by CNC
  • Trib­utes 2022: Direc­tor’s nominees 
  • Eurim­ages Award: The Winner
  • Trib­utes 2022: The Winners
  • Cof­fee Show

Pitch­ing Sessions

Farewell Cock­tail

  • Farewell Cock­tail at Palais de la Bourse” by Nordic Spotlight