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Where Did it Go Wrong?

Lás­zló Koz­ma is the man­ag­ing direc­tor of an Amer­i­can-Hun­gar­i­an fac­to­ry in Hun­gary, in 1949. His log­i­cal out­look on life is shat­tered as, — based on absurd charges -, he is inno­cent­ly sen­tenced to 15 years in prison. As Koz­ma tries to com­pre­hend the incom­pre­hen­si­ble, it dawns on him that his inner jour­ney is just start­ing. Where did he go wrong? We get to know Koz­ma, the genius engi­neer, who could have been world famous, had he not made all the wrong deci­sions. Mem­o­rable and graph­ic sto­ries of his life come to life until, with the help of these, Koz­ma him­self also works out the per­fect plan of escape. After becom­ing free, he does not want to invent any­thing anymore.