The Bird Kingdom

In a fantasy version of the Brazilian Sertão, an arid wasteland where men can shapeshift into birds of prey, SETE-PENAS is taken in as a child by CARCARÁ, an outlaw who aspires to be a local legend. Ten years later, CARCARÁ’s bandits, known as cangaceiros have become notorious throughout the region. But when the group of outlaws tries to steal the gold from the most powerful woman in the Sertão, they are viciously attacked, and SETE-PENAS is presumed dead. After falling from the skies with his wings’ torn, SETE-PENAS is rescued by ROSÉLIA, who leads a traveling theater troupe trying to make ends meet. To get back to his gang, SETE-PENAS makes a deal with ROSÉLIA and pretends to be part of the troupe to hide from everyone hunting for the gold.