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My True Imag­i­nary Friend — Mr. Clutterbuck

Iida, a lone­ly 9‑year-old girl, befriends an alien crea­ture, a 3D char­ac­ter from a TV series, who is strand­ed on earth in the world of human beings. The two start a dif­fer­ent kind of friend­ship in which the crea­ture learns that not all human beings are evil and greedy, and Iida learns the truth about her father’s old imag­i­nary friend. Iida and her big broth­er help the crea­ture build an impro­vised device to return home, even if this means she will lose an unex­pect­ed but dear friend. Lit­tle do they know that a few com­pet­ing inter­na­tion­al task forces work day and night to track down the where­abouts of earth­’s vis­i­tors from out of this world to gain access to their vast ener­gy resources.