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Liv­ing Large

It is the begin­ning of the school year. At 13-years-old, Ben dis­cov­ers the effects of puber­ty on his class­mates who have changed a lot. Espe­cial­ly Claire, who is now real­ly pret­ty. Ben would like her to notice him, but he is hung up by his weight and even the school nurse wor­ries about him. Despite his pas­sion for cook­ing, Ben decides to go on a long and dif­fi­cult diet. To face the bul­ly­ing from Max and his gang, Ben can count on the sup­port of his crazy fam­i­ly and his friends Claire, Eric and Sonia. Togeth­er, they start a band for the Christ­mas show, at the end of a year that will have made them all grow up, gain con­fi­dence in them­selves, in life and in love.