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The Span­ish econ­o­my has steadi­ly sur­passed that of its Euro­pean coun­ter­parts over the last five years, in pre-pan­dem­ic cir­cum­stances. The ani­ma­tion sec­tor has also lived a steady growth in turnover and high­ly qual­i­fied job posi­tions, being one of the most resilient mar­kets towards the covid crisis.

Audio­vi­su­al com­pa­nies can find spe­cial­ized tal­ent to cov­er their cre­ative and tech­ni­cal needs more eas­i­ly in Spain than in neigh­bor­ing coun­tries and at a more com­pet­i­tive cost than in oth­er major Euro­pean economies. Span­ish tal­ent is well renowned inter­na­tion­al­ly for its cre­ativ­i­ty and expe­ri­ence, and it has been rec­og­nized in mul­ti­ple inter­na­tion­al awards.

Spain’s tax bur­den is sim­i­lar to the EU aver­age. More­over, Spain offers sub­si­dies and grants and has a com­pre­hen­sive sys­tem of tax incen­tives and exemp­tions to pro­mote RDI activ­i­ties, knowl­edge trans­fer and job cre­ation , includ­ing spe­cif­ic tax rebates to pro­duce ani­ma­tion and VFX works, turn­ing nation­al com­pa­nies into com­pet­i­tive agents at the inter­na­tion­al market.

Span­ish ani­ma­tion is on boost: with more than 20 fea­ture films in devel­op­ment or pro­duc­tion stages and a sim­i­lar slate of work-in-progress ani­mat­ed broad­cast series, the sec­tor has nev­er been so vibrant as today. Spain is open for busi­ness. Spain is good tal­ent, good cui­sine and leisure activ­i­ties. Spain is full of oppor­tu­ni­ties. Come work with us and don’t miss them!


Based on the Dirty Bertie’ books that have sold over 1.7 mil­lion copies world­wide. Bertie’s imag­i­na­tion is so pow­er­ful it can’t be con­tained. The things he imag­ines blast out of his brain and become 100% REAL, trans­form­ing the world around him and throw­ing Bertie and his best friends into bizarre adven­tures
Pro­duced by In Efec­to Atlantis – copro­duced by Flick­er­pix (Unit­ed Kingdom)

Frank, a smar­ty-pants roost­er gets strand­ed on a far-away island along with his loy­al pig com­pan­ion Chops. They cre­ate a unique bond with a jung­ly veg­an croc­o­dile named Char­li, liv­ing crazy and bizarre adven­tures togeth­er.
Pro­duced by Peek­a­boo Animation

Primeras” (Firsts) is an antho­log­i­cal, ani­mat­ed show depict­ing the life sto­ries of women from around the world who became pio­neers in fields that until then, were reserved only to men.
Pro­duced by TV ON Pro­duc­ciones – copro­duced by Typ­po Cre­ative Lab (Chile)


10 year old Mervyn is able to enter the world inside postage stamps. From Tes­la to Titan­ic and from drag­ons to aliens, Mervyn vis­its every­thing and every­one ever depict­ed on stamps.
Pro­duced by Kick the Door Pro­duc­tions – copro­duced by BigB (Ger­many)

Coco is a six years old girl, who loves to cre­ate sto­ries. Togeth­er with her messy lit­tle broth­er who hap­pens to be a big, pink­ish, actu­al T‑Rex, they embark on many adven­tures to solve prob­lems using imag­i­na­tion and crafts.
Pro­duced by Mr Klaus Ani­ma­tion Stu­dio – copro­duced by Lus­co Fus­co Ani­ma­tion (Por­tu­gal)

Bel­la is a zebra who was born with dots instead of stripes. After strug­gling with self-esteem, the Lunares clan helps her reclaim her pride. After­wards, Bel­la ded­i­cates her­self to show the world that diver­si­ty is nat­ur­al and that with­out it, the world would be very bor­ing.
Pro­duced by Syg­na­tia – copro­duced by Bro Cin­e­ma (Por­tu­gal)

The Lit­tle Orches­tra is a series that cel­e­brates music. We all love songs… but what are they made from? Why do they make us feel the way they do? It’s all a bit of a puz­zle… but don’t wor­ry, The Lit­tle Orches­tra has come to unrav­el the mys­tery!
Pro­duced by Mago Audio­vi­su­al Pro­duc­tion – copro­duced by Apus Ani­mación y Con­tenido (Peru) & Chu­cho TV (Uruguay)

Five years ago Zoey’s father dis­ap­peared on his ship. Only the ship­ment of rub­ber ducks has been appear­ing in the most dis­parate places of the plan­et. Zoey keeps her hopes alive that one day her father will also show up some­where.
Pro­duced by Stu­dio Kimchi

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