Green Objec­tives

Here is a list of measures already put in place by Cartoon during Cartoon Forum.



Our audiovisual settings and equipment are the result of a long-term partnership with Neumann & Müller, a team of Ecovadis certified technicians. They install equipment that is as sustainable as possible, such as LED lights and reusable devices.

More information about our technicians’ commitments


During Cartoon Forum, our catering services are provided by our local caterer FALCOU (ISO 20121 certified), who works hand in hand with local producers in Toulouse and the Occitanie Region, and favors organic and seasonal products. Together, we are working on anti-waste initiatives such as food donation to prevent food waste, or the sorting and recycling of up to five different types of waste.

Con­gress Centre

The Congress Centre Pierre Baudis in Toulouse is committed to a major CSR (Corporate social responsibility) approach. Being ISO 20121 certified, it provides Cartoon Forum participants with a societal, environmental, and social experience. Among these aspects: the increasing use of local purchases, the preservation of energy and water resources (such as water fountains) as well as anti-waste measures (such as sorting bins), and the use of social and solidarity economies.

More information about GL Events’ commitments


Cartoon purchased furniture that is reused and installed each year for Cartoon Forum and other events such as Cartoon Movie. In addition, we rely on local furniture suppliers for our social events and for certain areas of the Congress Centre. Our goal is to prioritize as much as possible local and certified suppliers as well as eco-friendly furniture.

  • Cartoon has chosen to offer tote bags that are 100% made in organic cotton, OCS100 certified and printed in France (More information).
    Headphone sets during the event are only given upon request to limit waste. The t-shirts Cartoon gives to the Toonies are 100% made of organic cotton, OCS100 certified and OCS Blended and PETA Approved Vegan (More information).
  • Cartoon asks all partners to follow the green effort, such as:
    -Reduction of goodies given on site (notebooks, pens, paper maps…)
    -For the remaining goodies, an effort is put on sustainability (organic cotton tote bags, water bottles…)
    The final decision remains the partners’ choice.

We always prioritize hotels close to the venue to encourage participants to walk instead of using transports. All the hotels we work with are in some measure engaged with sustainable practices as selective sorting of trash, recycling, water control system, selection of local and organic products for breakfast, use of led lamps and sensors to reduce energy consumption.

More information about our hotels’ commitments:
-All Accor
-Hôtel Albert


Along with the Congress Centre, most places for our social events are in the city centre and easily accessible via public transportation (public shuttles from the airport to the Congress Centre, or the bus to reach the Farewell dinner for example).
For events outside the city, we rely on buses to transport all participants, minimizing the environmental impact. These buses are part of the CO2 Objectives programme.
Whenever possible we give priority to train travel instead of plane. For part of those travelling by plane, Cartoon contributes to projects of climate protection that compensate the CO2 emissions.


Catch-up ses­sions

The Catch-up sessions are 100% online on our digital platform. They allow mostly non-European buyers who cannot attend the event due to travel ban or restrictions to participate online and therefore to contribute to lower CO2 emissions.

Guide­book (ex catalogue)

Since 2012 Cartoon is no longer printing the Cartoon Forum guidebook. Instead, it is sent digitally 10 days before the event to the participants in order to get prepared. This results in the reduction of our carbon footprint.

Mobile App

Cartoon's mobile app provides all the important information about our events. Travel vouchers and feedback forms can only be found in the app, which considerably reduces the amount of paper printed.


Cartoon Forum’s Selection Committee always pays particular attention to projects promoting sustainability, inclusion, and diversity.


  • We use as less paper as possible during Cartoon Forum. We no longer print the attendance lists that we used to give to the chairperson and the producer at the beginning of the pitching sessions: instead, we send it automatically to them by email. We no longer print “Good-night” letters. We removed pigeonholes in the lobby that were encouraging the use of flyers and brochures. Finally, the number of magazines ordered for distribution has significantly decreased over the years to reach a number as accurate as possible: the goal being to avoid excessive printing and paper waste. We offer the possibility to our media partners to send us a QR code for the participants to get access to the online version of the magazines. For those who want a printed version, they can pick it up on the rack at the Welcome Desk (limited stock).
  • In an anti-waste effort, we reduced the number of magazines and goodies being delivered.
  • Printers: The printers at the entrance to each room have been removed to further reduce paper waste. We only have one printer at the Internet Café, if one page needs to be urgently printed (not multiple pages or a booklet). We ask of the participants to be prepared to send all documents digitally.
  • The company Picto provides us with all prints related to signage. Picto uses eco-friendly materials (TEX Green). We make sure to use the same banners every year to avoid waste. In addition, most of the banners we use during the event are then retrieved by our partners for reuse. Otherwise, Picto recycles the banners and transforms them into bags or packaging, thus ensuring that they have a second life.
    More information about Picto’s commitments
  • Reuse of roll-ups and banners: Cartoon stores the structures of roll-ups made for single-use events, which are always reused when new roll-ups are made. A few of our reusable roll-ups have been used at Cartoon Forum for more than ten years.



Cartoon uses its own laptops both at the office and on events, to ensure computers are no longer rented to reduce CO2 emissions from road traffic.


All contracts that we send to our partners (and vice versa) are signed digitally.


Dropbox is an online storage and sharing service that we use within the team to keep all documents related to Cartoon Forum and avoid printing them.

Video con­fer­ences

Most of our meetings with our partners are held by video conference. This system allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by travelling less, and at the same time we have more intensive and regular exchanges with our partners - thus strengthening communication.