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Mag­ic Mis­sion in Mexico

Ever since she moved to Mex­i­co City, Luisa’s made a super group of friends: Arturo and his grand­ma, Diego the Luchador and his sis­ters, plus Quet­za­coatl, the feath­ered ser­pent. Until one day, he dis­ap­pears.
His twin broth­er Xolotl, the dog-head­ed god, con­tacts Luisa and entrusts her with a mag­ic cap. She sets out in search of Quet­za­coatl and learns he was kid­napped by the mys­te­ri­ous Car­los, who plans to dis­play him in his future amuse­ment park and to orga­nize fights between a new ani­mal species cre­at­ed from the god’s mag­i­cal feath­ers.
Luisa must find Quet­za­coatl and set him free, before the oth­er gods unleash their divine anger on humans.