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Gouti’s Great Journey

A dream island is home to a fam­i­ly of small rodents, the Agoutis. Untouched by humans, the com­mu­ni­ty of beings are orga­nized har­mo­nious­ly along the cycle of sea­sons. Gouti, the eldest of the sib­lings, is learn­ing about life next to his expe­ri­enced grand­pa. But Gouti is absent-mind­ed. He keeps dream­ing of trav­els, of places beyond. When an excep­tion­al win­ter storm hits and dev­as­tates their island, Gouti and his fam­i­ly are forced to leave. A jour­ney lead­ing to dis­cov­er oth­er worlds, oth­er species, and above all to self-discovery.