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After an eco­log­i­cal dis­as­ter that destroyed their habi­tat, a group of five young marine ani­mals are trans­formed into every­day life objects. Sep­a­rat­ed from their fel­low-fish­es, they have noth­ing in com­mon except their inabil­i­ty to man­age on their own! Guid­ed by Remi the elec­tric ray fish, these five mis­fits search for a new home hop­ing to get their reg­u­lar bod­ies back. On their jour­ney they learn to live with each oth­er and dis­cov­er the dam­ages caused by pol­lu­tion. Mul­ti­ply­ing crazy fun adven­tures and eccen­tric encoun­ters, Remi and his friends show us the way to mutu­al aid and respon­si­ble behav­ior. Togeth­er, let’s learn new habits and com­plete­ly change the course of things!