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Kat & Cats

Kat and her cousin Max love spend­ing their hol­i­days at Grand­ma Toast’s by the sea. They have a great time, get to breathe some fresh air, and more impor­tant­ly, play with her 3 adorable cats… but even more impor­tant­ly, ever since a mys­te­ri­ous alien item land­ed in the gar­den, Kat has the pow­er to turn the cute kit­ties into fear­some nin-cat fight­ers! That’s actu­al­ly pret­ty lucky, because they reg­u­lar­ly need to defend the city against attacks by very dumb aliens who want to retrieve their device… But there’s no way Kat will ever let them get such a cool toy back! The hol­i­days promise to be full of action, mis­be­hav­ing and laughter!