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Leo’s work­shop

Based on The Inven­tor” movie, Leo’s Work­shop” is a TV series to com­plete our jour­ney with Leonar­do da Vin­ci! We all know Leo, the bril­liant inven­tor, engi­neer and artist. But what we don’t know is what was going on behind the scenes of one of the most excit­ing peri­ods in world, the Renais­sance! How did Leo deal with the machi­na­tions and whims of Duke Ludovi­co Sforza’s court, stuck in the past, some­what sim­ple-mind­ed and super­sti­tious? How does Leonar­do’s sci­en­tif­ic knowl­edge blend with 16th medieval thought? Explore Leo’s work­shop, join the appren­tices Salaì, Zoroas­tro, Ata­lan­ta, Mama Cate­ri­na and the lit­tle Duchess Bian­ca who with their inven­tions and a lot of fun will change the world!