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It’s not easy being a young Amer­i­can Indi­an boy. There are squab­bles with your friends, jeal­ousies, bumps and bruis­es from all that lark­ing about… and every­thing you are (sup­pos­ed­ly) too lit­tle to be able to do ! And if that were it, dai­ly life would be bear­able. But no, it gets worse. On top of all that, Anu­ki has to deal with those hor­rid ani­mals in the for­est! They’re con­stant­ly get­ting in the way of his plans, attack­ing him and lay­ing traps. Basi­cal­ly, for­ev­er at the ready to make his life a mis­ery! Admit­ted­ly, Anu­ki has a bad tem­per, and yes, he only has him­self to blame for walk­ing into trou­ble, every time. But he does it for a rea­son! After all, he’s the hero of the sto­ry, right?