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Spaghet­ti Sisters

Spaghet­ti Sis­ters”, an orig­i­nal 2D ani­mat­ed series for 7+ tells of sis­ters Fiona and Flavia Fusil­li — who are doing every­thing to try and make their fam­i­ly restau­rant a roar­ing suc­cess. Locat­ed in the seclud­ed depths of the moun­tain val­ley, far from any poten­tial pas­ta patrons (all thanks to the famous Fusil­li tra­di­tion of throw­ing a meat­ball and build­ing a restau­rant where it land­ed), the fam­i­ly launch their new deliv­ery ser­vice, an idea straight from the brains of rook­ie pas­­ta-deliv­­ery-dri­vers Fiona & Flavia. Armed with a toma­­to-purée pow­ered golf-cart and bring­ing any pas­ta, any place, the girls nev­er know what kind of adven­ture awaits them!