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Ever since his moth­er died in a fire, Ter­rence has seclud­ed him­self in an emo­tion­less world. He goes through his dai­ly teenag­er life apa­thet­i­cal­ly… with one excep­tion! The sim­ple sight of a flame plunges him into a world of fear, an awak­en ver­sion of his night­mares – for, every time he falls asleep, he help­less­ly relieves the trag­ic event, thus rekin­dling his pyro­pho­bia. Until that one night he can’t bear it any­more and stops run­ning away from the dev­il­ish flames. Lit­tle does he know that, by doing so, he over­came his great­est fear and became a Trav­el­er: a very spe­cial kind of Dream­er, able to explore Dream­land, the dimen­sion born from mankind’s dreams… and nightmares!