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Lit­tle Whale

The world’s oceans make up more than sev­en­ty per­cent of the Earth’s sur­face, but they are still so full of mys­tery for us humans, and the per­fect set­ting for adven­ture! Lit­tle Whale” is all about the sea­far­ing adven­tures of Lit­tle Whale and his best friend Nar­whalia. Each day they explore dif­fer­ent parts of the ocean as they trav­el with Lit­tle Whale’s fam­i­ly all around the globe. They might meet a new crab friend who needs a new shell, or learn to swim along with a shoal of her­ring. Each dis­cov­ery brings a new friend and some­thing learned about their mag­nif­i­cent ocean home.