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The Tern

For five gen­er­a­tions, the Tern has fol­lowed flight paths around the Earth. A fleet of mas­sive diri­gi­bles trav­els tire­less­ly above the dev­as­tat­ed plan­et, veiled with tox­ic clouds and mists. With­in the Tern, the rem­nants of human­i­ty live in com­pli­ance with strict laws, under the com­mand of their inflex­i­ble cap­tain, the Com­pass. It has been a long time since the last dream­ers aban­doned hope of return­ing to land. And yet, some­one appears to be send­ing sig­nals from the ground…Those impos­si­ble images haunt their unique wit­ness­es, a group of three teenagers. Their enthu­si­asm and hunger for truth will prompt them to take great risks to uncov­er this appar­ent­ly per­fect micro-society’s dark secrets.