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Mildew is a young cat who lives in the Irish sea­side vil­lage of Ever­dusk, where, as the name sug­gests, it is always dusk — which makes things pret­ty spooky.
Mildew is wild­ly curi­ous or eas­i­ly dis­tract­ed depend­ing on who you talk to. As assis­tant to ancient hedge witch, Goody Dun­bar, Mildew is sent out into the vil­lage of Ever­dusk on many a witchy errand. But soon­er rather than lat­er, Mildew’s curios­i­ty (er, dis­tract­ed­ness?) takes charge, the errand falls by the way­side and Mildew… well, in a place like Ever­dusk and with a cat like Mildew, you nev­er quite know what adven­ture (er, trou­ble?) this curi­ous kit­ty might get into.