Third and last day at Cartoon Springboard 2021

Third and last day at Cartoon Springboard 2021


The last day of Cartoon Springboard started on a great tone with Telidja Klaï’s keynote on How to understand you audience. Telidja is a Clinical and Developmental Psychologist for children. Putting all her experience working with kids, and at the Belgian-flemish broadcaster Ketnet-VRT, she gave an extensive insight on children’s development, and how to create content, design visuals for each specific target group.

The morning went off so quickly with 5 superb pitches:

  • Rosie and Sapphire - Anna Katalin Lovrity (HU)
  • Atlas and the Hidden Doors - Elisabeth Belhache (FR)
  • Kira & Prokki - Manuel Zilleken (DE)
  • Part of You - Ana Martín Vega (ES)
  • Just Like a Last Summer Day - Mina Convers (FR)

We had a full afternoon to discover and appreciate so many unique projects:

  • Stories of Glas - Lea Eberhardt (DE)
  • Am'rote - Claire Matz (FR)
  • Carmilla - The Animation - Valerie Neumaier (DE)
  • Fishing Stars - Giona Dapporto (IT)
  • The Mission - Elsa Stoeffler (FR)
  • The Cat Hotel - Jordan McGrath (ES)
  • Trixie the Pixie - Kitti Teleki (HU)


The trends of the day

- Complementary duos were leading many of the stories like in: Just Like A Last Summer Day, Rosie and Sapphire, Kira & Prokki, Carmilla the Animation
- Sarcastic humour, or even dark humour, made us laugh out loud with: Kira & Prokki, The Cat Hotel, The Mission
- We were introduced into futuristic dystopias and utopias: Kira & Prokki, Am’Rote, Fishing Stars, The Mission
- Selfcare and empathy were at the heart of: Part of you, Trixie the Pixie, Atlas and the Hidden Doors, Rosie and Sapphire
- The relationship with the father as a background story came into a few projects: Stories of Glas, Carmilla – The Animation and Fishing Stars

The good points

Experts pointed out all the qualities of the projects pitched today, here’s what we heard:

- courage to bring personal stories
- fantastic team already
- why not do stand-up or be an IG/YouTube influencer first?
- simplicity, minimalism, slow-pace
- brilliant pitch
- impressed with the work put in the file and in the pitch
- very unique and personal design
- wonderful & attractive world


Room for improvement

 Experts also gave some advice on how to improve the projects:

- it’s already a popular genre, find a differentiator
- keep the gender balance and diversity in mind
- let your message show in the story and dialogues
- give us the “why” of your project, the main ark
- get help for the writing
- more background story to enrich the characters
- find experts to support your assumptions
- don’t hesitate to push the boundaries
- don’t rule out any buyer up front


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