It's raining projects and pitches at Cartoon 360!

It's raining projects and pitches at Cartoon 360!

This second day was very intensive! 
9 projects very original and diverse have been pitched: 

  • Faces by Muccamorta
  • Misha, the purple cat by Teidess Audiovisuals
  • Mutant Busters by Planeta Junior
  • Mironins by Cornelius Films
  • Notfunny by Gretegrote Internetproduktion
  • Lara Transmedia by Tomavistas
  • My Dream Pets by Contentinuum
  • Isi by Edebé Audiovisual
  • The Von Mopp Method by Chicken's Chicots Production

We heard lots of laughter and applause in the conference room. These were projects from TV series (or TV special), feature films, web series, books or video games ... and aimed at children groups (pre-school, 6-9), but also at teenagers and young adults. 

The digital experts gave instant feedback on projects, valuable advice on business plan, strategies and development.

At the end of the day, Toni Marin Vila and Toni Garcia presented a session about Transmedia Production: What is New and What is Not?

We finished the day with a cocktail and networking event organised by Catalan Films&TV and ProAnimats.

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