Eurimages Co-production Development Award Nominees 2021

Following a call for proposals launched in June 2020, the Council of Europe's Eurimages Fund has selected seven co-production markets around the world to present the Eurimages Co-Production Development Prize in 2021, including the one of Cartoon Movie. This cash-prize of 20,000 € has been created to promote the Fund’s role in encouraging international animated co-production from the initial stages of a project. The project has to be designed from the outset as an international co-production for cinema release and initiated by a lead producer based in a Eurimages country willing to co-operate with other partners internationally. The lead producer should aim to involve at least one other producer from a Eurimages country. The award, which takes the form of a non-reimbursable subsidy, must be used by the producers to cover development expenses of the animation project.

The Eurimages Co-production Development Award will be awarded on Thursday 11 March at 14:15, during the online edition of Cartoon Movie 2021.

The 10 nominees are:

 “Bear Parkproduced by Pyjama Films (Finland)



 “Golem produced by Hausboot (Czech Republic)



 “Granny Samurai - The Monkey King and I” produced by Dreamin Dolphin Film (Germany) and coproduced by Parka Pictures (Denmark)



 “Hanna and the Monsters produced by Mr Miyagi Films (Spain) and coproduced by Fabrique Fantastique (Belgium)



 “Lucie’s Frightful Adventures produced by Altitude100 Production (Belgium) and coproduced by Melusine Production (Luxembourg)



 “Shadows produced by Autour de Minuit (France) and coproduced by Panique! (Belgium) & Schmuby (France)



 “Sheba produced by Maybe Movies (France)




 “Sorya produced by Special Touch Studios (France)



 “The Fire Keeper produced by Gao Shan Pictures (France)



 “Winnipeg, Seeds of Hope produced by Dibulitoon Studio (Spain) and coproduced by El Otro Film (Chile), La Ballesta (Spain) & MIDRALGAR [Marmitafilms] (France)