Discover the Cartoon Connection Canada Awards 2016

Discover the Cartoon Connection Canada Awards 2016

8 European broadcasters (BBC Children's UK, France Télévisions, Walt Disney EMEA, YLE Finland, Ketnet/VRT Belgium and Canal+ France) selected for the second year running 2 Canadian projects for the 2016 Cartoon Connection Awards which will give them the key to pitch at Cartoon Forum or Cartoon Movie. 

The lucky winners are:

- "American Goulasch" by Guru Studio for Cartoon Forum (September 2017)

- "Butterfly Tale" by CarpeDiem for Cartoon Movie (March 2017)

"Morgäa's Treasure" by 10th Ave Productions for Cartoon Movie (March 2017)

Last year Cartoon Connection Awards were given to House of Cool for "Amoeba" and Carpe Diem for "Snowcaps". They both came to Movie for "Amoeba" and Forum for "Snowcaps". As results, we know that House of Cool is discussing a coproduction and distribution of their film and CarpeDiem is discussing pre-sales and distribution with European broadcasters.  

Lastly, we noticed that more Canadian companies made the trip to Cartoon Forum this year with 15 Canadian professionals (DHX Media, Singing Frog Studios, Carpe Diem Film and TV, Fair Play, Toon Boom, Bejuba, Mercury Filmworks, Nelvana Enterprises, Distribution360). 

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