Coaching Programme & Cartoon Games 2021 Online


Dedicated to students from schools located in Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the Cartoon Movie Coaching Programme is offering great insights into the professional world through presentations, master classes and sessions of Questions & Answers.

The programme this year happened online, and was particularly interesting:

The itinerary of Moukda Production and the development of projects at Cartoon events - Case studies: "Zoobox", "Umbrellas" & "Voix d'espoir", by Kèota Dengmanara & Diana Hentulescu (Moukda Production)



Case study: "Flee" and the establishment of an animation production studio in Bordeaux, by Charlotte de La Gournerie (Sun Creature Studio) 




Agnès Bizzaro closed up the morning with a presentation full of advice and great tips: 
The importance of making a good pitch and the tips for doing so



Mrs. Delphine Jamet (Metropolitan councilor in charge of digital technology, deputy mayor in charge of general administration, the evaluation of public policies and data strategy, Bordeaux Métropole) introduced Cartoon Games and encouraged the companies in the animation and video game sector to build an eco-friendly identity and to integrate digital frugality into their economic models. 

Following this introduction, Quention Laurens & Ariane Robineau (Qarnot Computing) delivered a keynote talking precisely about sustainability in the animation industry:
"Reducing environmental impact in animation production"

The Q&A session afterwards led to a very vivid discussion.

The 2nd keynote was about "Dordogne" a video game created from watercolors:
"From watercolor to interactivity, a Transmedia journey with Dordogne"

by Cédric Babouche (Un Je Ne Sais Quoi) & Aymeric Castaing (Umanimation)

This creative transmedia project raised a lot of interest and enthusiasm from the participants. The rendering of the watercolor in 3D was especially spectacular.


The 1-2-1 meetings are meant to bring together animation companies, video games and publishers. From 3:40 PM until 7 PM, 200 meeting will happen via video calls for short sessions of 20 minutes where professionals will talk about possible partnerships and collaborations.