Cartoon Forum is going full digital

Cartoon Forum is going full digital


The rebound of the coronavirus in Europe and in France during the month of August, as well as the communication of the French government, last Thursday, placing the department of Haute-Garonne (Toulouse) in “red zone” got the better of our will to organise the Cartoon Forum “in real life”.

On the one hand, many broadcasters canceled their attendance in Toulouse in recent days and asked to attend the pitches of projects online. On the other hand, several European countries having since placed France in a “red zone”, certain delegations of producers from these countries have informed us of their difficulty or their impossibility to come to France and of their desire to present their pitch online and no longer on site. We have thus recorded more than 200 cancellations in 5 days. It became obvious that we had to take this new situation into account.

Cartoon has always chosen to fully inform professionals of the real situation and it has changed a lot in the last 5 days: with too few broadcasters confirming their presence on site, we think it is more honest to organise Cartoon Forum online only. Our objective still remains “Business First”, with the projects as the main priority.

We have anticipated this eventuality and we have set up a digital platform where all participants will be able to watch the recorded pitches of this year's projects.
Here are the practical details:

1.  The recorded pitches

Since the pitches will no longer take place on site and can no longer be recorded from Toulouse, we ask the producers to record their pitch themselves or to create a presentation video.

2. The digital platform

From 15 September, pitches will be placed on the digital platform per half-day following the already established agenda. The videos will be available until 15 October.

3.  The mobile application for projects

As announced last Friday: the mobile application allows you to view all the information concerning the projects. The trailer and the evaluation form have also been integrated – online participants commit to fill it out as soon as they have watched a pitch.
The application will be ready to be installed next week.

4.  The e-catalogue, the "Who Is Coming", and the digital agenda

As of next week, we will send the link to download the e-catalogue where, as every year, the contact information of all participants will be found.
The "Who Is Coming" section on our site continues to be updated very regularly.
The agenda will not be printed, but will be available on the website (in downloadable PDF).

Please know how sad we are to not being able to organise this Cartoon Forum and not being able to welcome you for this great meeting of European animation, as we have been doing every year for 30 years.


If you want to register for the online version, find all details in Registration